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Win an iPhone @ #PhotoBomb #MeconoMorph contest


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Q: Where is MeconoMorph?
A: Look for the geolocator at the competition site.

Q: What if I can’t get there?
A: Google any image of MeconoMorph, show it on your 140 inch tv, and make the selfie with that!

Q: What if I don’t own a 140 inch TV? Can I use my modest 60 inch TV?
A: Any size will do! Even 1 inch is OK, you can even use an ancient paper print! The most important is to be creative, share your photobomb lavishly and get a lot of votes!

Q: Wait! What the heck is MeconoMorph anyway?
A: I thought you’d never ask! Here is a bunch of links…