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9. A third and last conversation between the dog and his mad master

9. A third and last conversation between the dog and his mad master

D: Ok, now it’s time to draw a line. I’ve been listening to you for a long time, and here is what I gathered:
While normal beings are busy with their every day errands, getting food, building dwellings, raising offspring, you invented a crazy concept that your existence must have a purpose. You justify it by an idea that it’s not just your thought but rather it’s built into people by some sort of a super being, who you call a Creator. The Creator according to your twisted logic, manufactured people with some built-in code, some instinct, which drives them to fulfill this ‘so called’ purpose. The Creator as you think also equipped people with another instinct – drive to create. This one is even more outrageous, this drive (as you propose) comes from the Creator himself and this is what separates humans from other living things. As a proof of this nonsense you mention an old ‘creation’ tale which says something about making people by the Creator “in his own image”. How is it so far?

MM: A little rough, but you got it more or less. Yes, these two instincts are the only things separating humans from the rest.

D: See! That’s what I am saying – when you stand on this foundation, you end up with a very condescending point of view. While other  people has been developing this ‘tale’ into very useful systems you basically dismissed them all as ‘cooking guides’ and ‘army regulations’

MM: Well, that’s a little overboard. I only said that the majority is using them as such.

D: Anyway, you came up with a notion that everyone is free to interpret these concepts to the one’s own liking, with no regards to the interpretations already existing in the human knowledge base. Is it correct?

MM: Again slightly uncompromising. But – what’s wrong with that?

D: Here is what’s wrong in your specific case. In the end you concocted your own little petty belief based on your very limited experience and even more limited brain power. And according to this primitive and narrow-sighted scheme of yours, the Creator has a specific plan in mind, and that’s why he invoked humans from the non-existence.

MM: Well I could succumb to other views, that Creator had in mind to make people not hungry, or immortal or maybe just happy. But then we have no choice but  to acknowledge that in the majority of cases the Creator failed, which just can’t happen by his very definition.

D: Ok, this is all already insane. But look what happens next – somehow you think that the goal of putting mankind on Earth was to make some sort of “geometry machinery”, and when it’s done, the purpose is fulfilled. So while other people constantly produce and evolve useful things and processes you slide on a slippery slope of finding a ‘perfect’ useless machine. As I can see, it’s getting worse, this insanity becomes an obsession to the point where you begin seeing things which are not even real.

MM: If you could give a less absurd example, I’d appreciate it very much.

D:This puts yourself in a very unfortunate and even ridiculous position from the common sense view. Agreed?

MM: Well, I believe every belief has a right to be believed in. It starts getting worse when people begin pushing their believes on each other.

D: So based on all this insanity you somehow decided that the answer to everything is supposed to lie in the very basic rules of the Universe. That’s why you keep looking into all these pointy things which you call stars, people call burrs, and I myself prefer the latter.

MM: I am growing more and more suspicious… You are too smart for a dog.

D: And now, since you are not a strong person, you can’t really handle loneliness and isolation, you can’t go for years into emptiness having no confirmation that what you are doing makes any sense. So you need a ‘life support’ – thus you started seeing ‘signs’. And that by itself is a very bad sign. Do you know what it means – to see signs?

MM: I know, I know… I have an acquaintance – doctor. He says that if a person of faith undertakes a basic psychology test the diagnoses will be firm and indisputable – schizophrenia.

D: See! why don’t you just drop all this nonsense and come back to reality – come back to real life challenges and rewards.

MM: Then life will become just one long and boring meaningless rat race.

D: I am telling you – open your eyes!

MM: You can’t tell me what to do! Actually you can’t tell anything at all. How come you are talking?

D: Now you are getting something. Why do you think I am talking?

MM: You are not real, are you?

D: Of course! I am a part of your subconscious.

MM: Why do you look like my dog?

D: Would you rather see me as a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

MM: No, stay what you are… So am I actually asleep?

D: Yes, but at least now you are lucid. Now you can ask real questions.

MM. Why are you so negative? If you are my own subconscious, why are you behaving like my worst enemy?

D: Training… You got hit many times before, much more is coming. Now Wake Up!

MM: What? I didn’t ask you anything since I got lucid. I need to know if there is any sense in my pursuit?

D: In other words, you need another sign?

MM: At least that.

D: Then Wake Up!

MM: What?

This time I really mean it!
This time you are asleep behind a steering wheel.
One more second – and you will literally hit the sign.


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