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10. TriCube or Forward to Past

10. TriCube or Forward to Past

Sonoma fits well with it. Sonoma compliments it perfectly.

When I ordered a copy of the Tricube to be sent to SF I didn’t know how well would it embrace the essence of my first attempt to 3D print something made in google SketchUp.

To be totally honest TriCube was not my first Sketchup project. First thing I printed in 3D was Sir Penrose coordinate motion machine. I just could’ve done but pay a tribute to his ingenuity by making it the first.

The TriCube came after that.

The story of it is long and lonely. There was a time of obsession with pure cubic forms in my past.

I made Concubation then, which was even produced in a small series.


Of course I couldn’t avoid the Triple Cubes appeared on the famous “Waterfall” by Maurits Escher, which every designer attempted to instill in some form.


My version was only a sketch. Now it’s in the queue of course for  future 3D modeling.

Although nice and functioning they were still somewhat imperfect, somewhat jittery. I was looking for the best dissection of the cube which when assembled will look like a cube and nothing else. And Sir Penrose mechanism turned out to be the best choice once again.



It was a time of pencils and paper, time of rubber erasers, and manual calculations. Gosh, was it the last century or even one before that? I happened to find a piece of paper with some of the scribbles: It appeared in 3D as a paper model only. Wayne Daniel evaluated its feasibility to be produce out of wood and found it impossible. The paper model disappeared. All I got left were several low quality photos. I thought this was the end.

The time of Gooogle SketchUp has finally come, and first thing I made with it was The TriCube Rebar version:


I sent it to Shapeways to print and viola!
It came to California and Sonoma looked like its natural birthplace.



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