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11. An ensembladge of truly useless objects

11. An ensembladge of truly useless objects

The time has come to start this exhibition. Over the years
I made a slew of things completely useless.

First of all, they comply with my main rule of meaningfulness:
A new object emerging into this world must have no practical
application in order to make sense. It has to be a world by itself.

Its functionality must be meaningful by itself and cannot be put
to a practical use, similar to these great creations:

1. Theo Jensen Strandbeest‘s only purpose is to walk on a beach.
2. Gömböc is supposed to self right – just that.

Only when they have no usage they can become
Artifacts.                 They can produce pure AWE.

I’ve been religiously aligning my creations with this rule which
is one of the reasons I am distancing my activity from puzzles
which can be viewed as mind training devices or brain power
testers, thus obtaining practical application.

The second rule I defined for my objects is – they have to
function as mechanisms. As they become increasingly complex
this rule sometimes is broken.
Sometimes I just make design mistakes which are not obvious until the end and then truly
useless objects emerge.
The objects which neither can be used nor function.

They are still dear to me, I keep them and the number of them
goes up.

Finally I decided to list them here:

First totally useless object:
The cube of diagonally halved cubes.
Its parts don’t hold together,
the whole thing falls apart.

Second totally useless object
Six piece great dodecahedron.
Same flaw – it does not self contain.


Third totally useless object:
Five piece great stellated dodecahedron.
Luckily I only made one part out of five when I
realized it will not assemble.
suggested though that even as it is its only existing part is a
remarkable Geometry object.

Fourth totally useless object:
Faceted triple cross. I got carried away by
google SketchUp capabilities and produced this overcomplicated object
consisting of a multitude of self intersecting faces. It proved to be
none-assemleable .
Its elements clash, so the only way to put it together is to
precut its parts.

I love them still and keep them around.
I am sure more of them are coming.


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