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13. ReCube

13. ReCube

ReCube is not just another version of a well-known principle.

 It is an aNTIPUZZLE in a sense that it has no hidden locks, pathways or any kind of secret mechanics.

Its name also stands for aRevelationofaninnerstructureofaCubea commonly known entity.

ReCube is not a concoction of my mind.

It’s a ReinventionofaCube – all the excess material has been removed leaving the bare bones of an original creation. It’s pure geometry at work. The entire mechanism of
ReCube is visible all the time.

Take your time, RediscoveraCube.

Put it on a palm of your hand.
Ask yourself these simple questions:
Why does the 
ReCube have two distinct types of vertexes?
Why does the 
ReCube have three distinct edges types?
Why all the 
ReCube faces are alike?

Start sliding the ReCube apart and watch how its main diagonal splits into three, edges split into two (some along, other across), two vertexes blossom while other six sink.

Before it falls apart, slide it back at least once to fully appreciate the beauty of the ReCube inner construction.


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