If you are not in MeconoMorph, where are you?

The beginning :)

486113_624079744273887_1135550179_nby Colin Neilson
We have no idea how it ultimately started, or where it may have come from, or why it is here now, but we are learning bit by bit. Like so many things that change our way of thinking, and even our way of life, for better or for worse, it began very small, but grew very quickly, until it couldn’t help but be noticed.  Perhaps it’s best to start at the beginning.

It was a normal day in a normal city.  Winter was ending, and the snow thawed and ran off into the drains, and some of the drains sent the water back up again. A truck, laden with deliveries skidded around a corner that was more slick than the driver first thought, and some of his load came off the back.  Boxes fell to the street and burst apart sending their contents flying.  Among them was a package of business cards that had been miscut or misprinted, on their way to a company that used them to take notes on. The cards spread along the street.  Many flew off in the wind, but a number collected by a drain, and got moistened by the water running by.

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