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Business Cards Morphed into Art


In the Commons

In the Commons

Michael Luchies Michael Luchies

There have been three instances in my life when something artistically striking caught my attention to a level where I knew I would never forget it. The first I can recall was Andy Warhol’s simple yet striking artwork involving the classic Campbell Soup can. The second time I encountered something artistic that got my attention was the first time I saw a piece of work from the man who is now my favorite artist, M.C. Escher. The third instance occurred this past week when I was introduced to a new and striking concept – MeconoMorph.

Viktor Genel is the creator of MeconoMorph, which “boils Art, Math and Business together in a concept of morphing and flowing geometry.” These are 3D structures that are built out of business cards can be stacked on top of each other as an art display, attracting awe and visibility to the art and the business cards used in the structures.

Using business cards for a piece of art is a brilliant concept, and the way that the cards are displayed is just as smart. To get more on the concept and the art, I interviewed creator Viktor Genel.

Michael Luchies: Why did you decide to use business cards to construct these structures?

Viktor Genel: Business cards are truly fascinating objects.  Read full story – MeconoMorph Article 1


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