If you are not in MeconoMorph, where are you?

Dare To Speak Up Challenge

Do you have anything important to tell the world?

Tell the world about you

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Accept the Dare To Speak Up Challenge:

Make a 30 sec video telling the world about your most important issue and post it everywhere. Especially here!
In the video:
1. Challenge 3 or more of your friends to come here and do the same .
2. Mention #MeconoMorph, the greatest tribute to entrepreneurship ever made.

What do others know about you?


Q: Why should I support #MeconoMorph? Actually what in god's name is it anyway?

MeconoMorph RocketShipA: It’s a collective effort of thousands of people who basically did the same – they told the world about themselves through their business cards. Business cards are not just pieces of paper, they are the most concentrated portals to people’s souls.




Q: Can I present myself in the video?

A: Absolutely!

Don't be silent!
Don’t be silent!







Q: Is it supposed to be 30 seconds exactly?

A: Not at all! Do it in 5 seconds or make a feature movie and win the Oscar. Most importantly – speak from your heart.

Red Carpet Awaits
Red Carpet Awaits







Q: Can I also send my business card to participate in the #MeconoMorph?

A: Yes, you can! You are very welcome to send us your cards to be placed in the structure!

Q: Can I use my business card in the video?

A: You should! You put such a great effort into it, let the world see it!

MeconoMorph - three years old