If you are not in MeconoMorph, where are you?


What can run freely on a flat surface?
A sphere, a cylinder, a cone probably, not in a straight line though.

Is that it? No, there is more…
One cannot imaging what objects can roll as smooth as a wheel

Golden Konoid

Golden Konoid

A Konoid is an artistic representation of a mathematical object called Sphericon.
It’s hard to believe that being placed on a slanted flat surface it rolls freely in a straight line.
Well it wobbles a little, but it will not stop.
It’s available in three different sizes and many materials

60 mm

100 mm

170 mm Jumbo


Octo Roller Classic

Octo Roller Classic

OctoRoller Classic is the most basic wireframe form of a Geometric object Sphericon.
On a slightly tilted surface it will roll straight wobbling a little.

Available in different sizes

32 mm mini

 50 mm

100 mm








Get your own Wingee for a 15 mm marble!
They have wings, they got sharp points.
Who knew they can roll ?
They do!

YouTube video


Business Card Sphericon


A DIY RollerCoaster

YouTube channel
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