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MoneyCubes meet the world

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#MoneyCubes met the world for the first time at SSAC last Friday.
American MoneyCube, Greek MoneyCube and Horvatska MoneyCube.
Dutilization of different world currencies is in progress.

There was a remarkable piece of art at the gallery – Disappearing Photograph by John Steck Jr.

#BostInno meetup with #MeconoMorph

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BostInno 50onFire meetup

At the #BostInno #50onFire meetup a waiter came to me and asked questions about the structure. She introduced me to a manager and the manager gave me a pack of Lincoln Tavern business cards. They will be in the structure soon along with other cards people dropped in the box at the meetup… More pictures here

Interview with The Metagrobologist

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The Metagrobologist announced the release of part 2 of the 1st issue of themetagrobologist magazine (Autumn edition 2014)
designer profile

Full interview here:

Matti Linkola's Dodecon

Matti Linkola’s Dodecon

Coincidentally my Dodecon from Matti Linkola’s collection appeared on the right.