If you are not in MeconoMorph, where are you?

Transform Your Space and Inspire Community: Host MeconoMorph!

We are seeking venues like yours to host this innovative installation and become part of an extraordinary artistic journey.
Generate buzz and media interest, drawing attention to your venue and events. Host an instance of the project and attract visitors.

What is MeconoMorph? MeconoMorph is a unique art installation that transcends traditional boundaries by integrating elements of sacred geometry, community participation, and the symbiotic relationship between art, science, and business. Each business card added to the structure contributes to its growth, making it a living, breathing entity that evolves over time.

Benefits of Hosting MeconoMorph:

  1. Artistic Vibrancy:
    • Enhance your venue’s artistic appeal with a visually stunning and interactive installation.
    • Attract art enthusiasts and the general public, increasing foot traffic and engagement.
  2. Community Engagement:
    • Foster a sense of community by inviting local businesses and individuals to contribute their business cards, symbolizing interconnectedness and collective creativity.
    • Promote a culture of collaboration and inclusivity within your space.
  3. Unique Attraction:
    • Offer a distinctive and memorable experience for visitors, setting your venue apart as a hub of innovative art and culture.
    • Generate buzz and media interest, drawing attention to your venue and its events.
  4. Educational Opportunities:
    • Provide educational institutions with a platform to explore concepts of geometry, design, and community engagement.
    • Host workshops and interactive sessions, enhancing your venue’s educational offerings.
  5. Environmental Awareness:
    • Align with eco-friendly initiatives by supporting a project that repurposes business cards, promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.
  6. Cultural Landmark:
    • Establish your venue as a cultural landmark, showcasing the dynamic intersection of art, science, and business.
    • Create a lasting legacy of artistic innovation and community involvement.

Join the MeconoMorph Movement: We believe that your venue is the perfect location to showcase MeconoMorph. Hosting this installation will not only enhance your venue’s cultural and artistic profile but also provide a unique and engaging experience for your visitors.

We would love to discuss this opportunity further and explore how we can collaborate to bring MeconoMorph to your space. Thank you for considering this exciting partnership.

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