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On Exhibit This Month

REM Cycle

Exhibition Dates
August 1-25, 2013

Public Reception
Thursday, August 1, 6-8pm

Exhibiting Artists

Francesca Caruso, Koren Christensen, Bernard DeLory, Richard Fomo, Sonya Genel, Viktor Genel, Jean Goldner, Derryl Irion, Marnie Jain, Alex Kittle, Christine Ledoux, Amanda Lomax, Kira Maintanis Leigh, Anne McCaffrey, Daniel MacInnis, Brian O’Donnell, Rebecca Philio, Jeff Roberts, Christopher Sorrentino, Meredith Westfall, Stefan Volatile-Wood

About the Show

REM, or rapid eye movement sleep, is the fifth of the five stages of sleep most people go through each night and when dreams most likely take place.  Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind.  REM Cycle challenged artists to interpret their dreams or nightmares.


I found it next morning tumbled off of its pedestal, but it stood on its own!
This was something we never even attempted – the cones seemed very fragile.
Well, life stepped in and tested it for us.


Weather man scared us with a premonition of an enormous heat wave. An open sun test became a necessity.
After an hour under the scorching sun cones got even softer.
Additional extreme measures must be taken to keep the HedgeCone from collapsing.

Wacky noodle
Rocket Booster

After discarding other ingenious ideas of using mop handles or insulation foam, it has been decided to stuff the cones with wacky noodles.
They are very springy and lightweight. So the cones started to look like rocket boosters.
Apparently something has to keep noodles from falling to the center of the  construction. To support the core from inside two extra large inflatable balls were swiftly ordered.


Cones  turned to be much heavier and softer than I expected. After one third of them were put together they started to bend. It became apparent that I need a fast engineering decision on how to make them stronger, so they will withstand the entire HedgeCone weight – 110 lb. 


Recycle your outdated business cards into a three dimensional math-art work with VIKTOR GENEL!


American standard business cards have a length/width ratio 3.5/2. It is a perfect proportion to allow all sorts of symmetry related manipulations. I’ve been asked if this relates to the golden ratio. The answer is – no. Close, but not quite…  Read more