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9- Mecon Square

There are many ways to promote a business, but picking the most cost effective and innovative ways to do so can significantly enhance marketing efforts and visibility. Many businesses display artwork in their office buildings and locations to provide a certain aesthetic appeal, build their brand, and to enhance their corporate culture. Read more

The beginning :)

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486113_624079744273887_1135550179_nby Colin Neilson
We have no idea how it ultimately started, or where it may have come from, or why it is here now, but we are learning bit by bit. Like so many things that change our way of thinking, and even our way of life, for better or for worse, it began very small, but grew very quickly, until it couldn’t help but be noticed.  Perhaps it’s best to start at the beginning. Read more


Dear Viktor,
Congratulations! We have accepted ‘HedgeCone’ for the 2013 FIGMENT Boston 2013 weekend.

Thanks for your time and interest in FIGMENT Boston 2013.  We’re excited to have your work be a part of this year’s FIGMENT weekend, and look forward to seeing it realized at the event!
All best,