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Something that you can build on vacation in no time, having no tools and no materials.
Supply list:
1. A coaster.
2. A cork.
3. A pair of scissors.
4. A knife.

No matter how simple it looks, it’s a full-fledged sphericon made from four halve-cones, even though the cones are hardly visible.

And as for any sphericon, its center of gravity stays on the same level all the time, so it needs just a slightly slanted surface to roll.


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Meconozaurus at UFG - street view
Meconozaurus at UFG - profile view

The recent azure structure of the MMORPH didn’t withstand the extreme hit of the last few days. Being exposed to a direct sunlight, some of the junctions gave way causing the whole installation to lean. I had to perform an emergency transformation and came up with a Meconozaurus – a somewhat lower and much more stable shape. I am sure it will stand till the end of the WORD PLAY exhibit.