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5. The Emergining of the Great Stellated Dodecahedron

I was driving my antique egg-van along a small sketchy road…
Sometimes I make sharp turns and go into random roads to break the drab spell of  this route of humdrum. I knew, no matter where I turn, I will anyway end up on a familiar road. This time was no exception – 
after a couple of small roads I suddenly found myself on the noisy route 9, on a part of it far from my usual course. A big flashy sign materializedon the right – Liquidation Sale – going out of business. It was a relatively upscale store – Lexington furniture. Unexpectedly for myself I pulled over and went in. 

I do this sometimes, I go for no reason into locations appearing along my way. Besides, furniture stores are special, they are nobody’s dwellings, arranged in amfilads of rooms with no habitants. Only salesmen lurk around
 like trolls. This store was a maze of rich glares and half-empty spaces with dusty contours on the floor.    

I made a couple of haphazard turns and suddenly here it was – A perfect Great Stellated Pentadodecahedron (GSDH for short), made of polished stone, magnificent and shiny.

It literally jumped towards me from a total non-existence.

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