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Become an Affiliate and Earn

Have you tried to become an affiliate of Amazon or Google?MMS_Z

Are you satisfied with being paid a tiny percent of the sale? Most likely, not.
The reason for that is simple – you are a small part of someone’s product selling machine with a lot of overhead and expenses.
Even if everything goes well, the entire team of involved parties can only get a markup – a difference between selling price and the purchase price of the product, not to mention a whole slew of other related and seemingly unrelated spendings.

Is it supposed to be this way? Not necessarily. Not if you are working in a philanthropy domain.

With a cause like #MeconoMorph, if you generate a donation – you will earn 30% of the WHOLE amount, not a measly “point zero three percent” as with other affiliate programs.

Here is how it works:

1. Check out this site
2. Find a page here at ViktorG.com you’d like to promote and let us know about your choice.
3. We will create a clone of it, which will be your landing page with a DONATE button on it. The DONATE button will have your own code. Not all the pages have the button currently, yours will!
4. Can’t find a page you like? No problem! Contact us anyway, and let’s make your own unique landing page.
5. Market your landing page, and generate donations through YOUR DONATE button.
6. Earn 30% of the funds you bring in.

As easy as that!
And if this is not enough, learn how you can make your earnings explode.
Here is your chance! Do not delay:
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Q: What is so interesting about #MeconoMorph? Actually what in god's name is it anyway?

MeconoMorph RocketShipA: It’s a collective effort of thousands of people who basically did the same – they told the world about themselves through their business cards. Business cards are not just pieces of paper, they are the most concentrated portals to people’s souls. Browse this site and learn more…

Q: Can I have more than one landing page?

A: Absolutely! As many as you wish, they will all have your own buttons and generate your commissions.

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