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8. Intermission – end of summer 2011 – Cape Cod is dying

Irene has brought a strange devastation – there was no rain, only wind, cobbles went over the bike path, seaweeds were dragged by waves through muskrat’s nests a long way to the swan pond. A raging river went up-stream the herring path connecting ocean with the bay.

Plants and grass are not susceptible to mechanical damage, they shoud’ve recovered quickly. They should’ve but they didn’t, with thunders and waves Irene brought a deadly mist far into the shore. A mix of fog and sea salt. Coastal vegetation wasn’t prepared for this salt assault – it got burnt. It got brown. It got dead. The landscape became martian desert in an instant. People cleaned the paths and roads uphilling  piles of sand, there was nothing they can do for the flora. Brown leaves, rotten rose hips fruits were left behind by receding waters.  Read more