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7. A second Conversation between the dog and his mad master

MM: See this chewing stick?

D: Yes…

MM: Now it represents a line – one dimensional object.

D: Ok, I got it – now can I have it?

MM: Wait, see here are two more sticks? We can put them together and form a triangle – two dimensional object. Now after you ate them – where is the triangle?

D: Gone!

MM: No! It still exists. Even more – it existed before, and it will exist forever when all the objects representing it will be gone.

D: Can I have more?

MM: What can we do with four sticks?

D: Four?! Where are they?

MM: Well, – now we will operate with pencils. We can form a square using four pencils.

D: triangles are better.

MM: Forget sticks. And actually forget pencils. They were just representations. The objects themselves existed anyway and will do so indefinitely. They are primordial. I would even call them extraordial if there is such a term. They exist independently of anything material. Read more

6. A conversation between a dog and his mad master

D: What is this pointy thing you brought home recently?

MM: This is a very meaningful object which I hope holds a key to everything.D: Looks like a burr to me!

MM: Well it certainly does, but it’s not… It is primordial. Read more