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6. A conversation between a dog and his mad master

6. A conversation between a dog and his mad master

D: What is this pointy thing you brought home recently?

MM: This is a very meaningful object which I hope holds a key to everything.D: Looks like a burr to me!

MM: Well it certainly does, but it’s not… It is primordial.

D: What is primordial?

MM: It means it existed before everything else.

D: This is just a burr like others around here!

MM: You know what – some people call them burrs indeed, but it’s not important – they represent the fundamental laws of our universe.

D: Our – what?

MM: Universe – everything you see around.

D: Now I am confused – what do they represent?

MM: See, our world is based on laws – some call them laws of Nature. The most fundamental of them are Geometry laws. They existed before anything else. Even more – they exist independently of anything material in this world.

D: By material do you mean – our house?

MM: Yes

D: And things in it?

MM: Yes, that too.

D: And even in the outdoor?

MM: Yes, you can stop the examples. I meant EVERYTHING.

D: OK, I got it. So what does it have to do with these burrs?

MM: They are models of geometric laws. Their shapes are not random – that’s why they are so pure and perfect and they work!

D: (not sure) How do they work?

MM: they slide apart and together.

D: What is useful about it?

MM: Nothing and this is most important. They are not useful, so they are most meaningful.

D: Now this is even more confusing. How can a useless thing be more important than something you can put to a good use? Like eat it or ride it or cover yourself with it.

MM: See, that is because you are an animal. Very kind, very good, I like you very much, but you are not human.

D: That sounds condescending! These two-leggeds are snobby!

MM: Not at all, it’s just there is a difference – we were created differently.

D: Created?

MM: Yes, made, manufactured, taken into existence.

D: What’s different about us?

MM: See, there is a tale that all animals were created on one day. Humans – on another.

D: Created by who?

MM: Well that’s up to a discussion either. Let’s say by a Creator.

D: Like a Master?

MM: You can say that. Although I prefer – Creator.

D: Ok, why the manufacturing date is so important?

MM: It’s not the date, it’s the method. The tale says humans were created in his own image. So there is something in his own image that was not put into any animal, even yourself.

D: What is it then?

MM: That’s a big question. Humans have been struggling with it since the beginning of times. I guess we’ll never know the answer for sure. I also believe that each of us has to figure it out individually.

D: Has anyone figured that out?

MM: Many people believe they had. But in my view what they figured was every time just another modification of the same stuff the animals do. People created whole worldview systems and ideologies based on their answers to this question. Lots of things happened to mankind because of the differences. Several books were written claiming they represent the word of the Creator. Many people perceive the Creator as their Master (as you just pointed out). This view also caused many troubles. Many people think that the Creator needs worshiping and so on and on… many other things people think about the Creator.
In short as a result they invented several very complicated systems based on the believes. They put their ideological views into those systems which became religions. I think the last thing, if anything, Creator expects from people is any kind of religion.

Many people think they are very spiritual and close to the Creator when in fact they use these books and religious views as cooking guides at best and as army regulations at worst.D: I see, I see, now you sound condescending towards other humans, not just us, honest four-leggeds.

MM: I am sorry it sounds like that, when in fact it’s not. I am just trying to find real answers. See, I believe that people are more than just food processors. Even if by food we mean spiritual food also. All living things act on instincts. Almost all human high emotions can be traced back to animal instincts.

D: Are you implying that there are “specific human instincts” which do not exist in us ?

MM: I believe so.

D: And what would they be?

MM: I believe, they are looking at us right in the face from the same tale.

D: What are they?

MM: Look what the Creator did – he CREATED. He actually created everything. Something drove him to stop sitting in the dark and produce light to begin with ..
That SOMETHING is ‘the least animal’ drive I can imagine.

D: Did he create the laws of Nature you mentioned before?

MM: That’s a very good question. I didn’t expect this one. Let’s say – probably…
Animals don’t create. So instinct to create is the most ‘human’ activity source. They who always feel the drive to create are made as close to the Image as possible. Although I keep hearing opinions that this force is actually madness.

D: Animals create too! They build nests, they knit nets, they dig shelters! Some of them use sticks to get bananas!

MM: You are right… And here is where the concept of uselessness comes into play. People create things which cannot be USED. And these objects at my view are most meaningful.

D: Like this hammer?

MM: Not exactly.

D: Well you are most definitely out of your mind.

MM: It’s actually good you said that.

D: Ok, I can understand lots of things. I hope you are not seriously thinking that this tale itself is true? How do you know that it’s not the same as other things written in these books which you yourself don’t hold to be true?

MM: Well I knew you’d ask. In fact this tale comes from one of the books, the most basic one. It doesn’t matter. I think this is the best analogy I could find.

D: Let’s say that what you said is not just crazy but also correct. But how do all these burrs relate to this instinct nonsense?

MM: Now we are getting somewhere. Please allow me to explain.

D: Go ahead!


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