If you are not in MeconoMorph, where are you?

Calling All Influencers!

So, you are an amazing influencer, you have a billion followers on Twitter and a gazillion on SSAC_Panorama_finalInstagram…

Have you thought of monetizing this enormous constituency of yours?
Are you constantly looking for advertisers who can hire you? Are you satisfied with the results?
#MeconoMorph is here to change all that!
Here is a simple way to leverage the fruits of your labor…

1. Become an Affiliate and leverage the generous part of your base. Earn 30% on every donation made through your landing pages.
2. Coach your followers, teach them how to do the same and earn 10% on every donation made through their landing pages.

 As easy as that!
Here is your chance! Do not delay:
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Q: What if I don't have potential donors among my followers?

A: It’s possible, but your followers most likely do! Utilize the second part of this offer and make secondary commissions. You can never predict what your constituency is up to.

Q: Can I have more than one landing page?

A: Absolutely! As many as you wish, they will all have your own buttons and generate your commissions.

Q: What is so interesting about #MeconoMorph? Actually what in god's name is it anyway?

MeconoMorph RocketShipA: It’s a collective effort of thousands of people who basically did the same – they told the world about themselves through their business cards. Business cards are not just pieces of paper, they are the most concentrated portals to people’s souls. Browse this site and learn more…


MeconoMorph - three years old