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In a delightful and ever dynamic business environment of the 21st century, there is no gainsaying the fact that the huge chunk of entrepreneurial outfits will have to evolve equally matching strategies to favorably compete in their niches. From email marketing to search engine optimization, there seem to be so many angles for business development.

A new strategy, which assumes a promising and huge stake in changing the dynamics of business marketing is “Meconomorph”. A term coined for a project that seeks a new face for product branding. This amazing project combines art, business vital tool-business cards and superb public appeal with 3D design to propel public awareness and help increase return on investment for new businesses and enterprises. The Meconomorph concept’s core structure revolves around geometry and morphing of a 3D display using business cards.

Since virtually all business outfits have business cards to enhance their branding identity, with close to thirty million of these cards reportedly produced in the United States on a daily basis, this should be an incredible avenue for journalists to facilitate a new approach of branding to the general public. From in-depth research to validating its prospects and spreading the word on various media outlets, journalists will go a long way in actualizing the Meconomorph dream. Business cards also rack up as high as 10 billion annual production in the United States according to reports. It is important to note, however, that of this high volume, approximately ninety percent are discarded and most do not, in reality, help drive the branding prospects of companies as they simply lack the core to increase public awareness and enhance attraction to these firms. They more or less add to the overhead cost of running a business with an abysmal return on investment.Apart from being a plausible concept, it will also enhance the positive public perception of journalistic branding with its sporadic outreach to a diverse pool of audience. A novel technique as Meconomorph also means early birds who key into the concept will be ahead of competitors in the near business future. Journalists should, therefore, act as a driving force by publishing this novel strategy in as many publishing outlets within their reach.Journalists like to cover the most amazing ideas and news to the public, and if there is any such awareness worthy of an immense herald at the moment then the Meconomorph movement sure deserves huge publicity from these key players who also stand to benefit from the success of the awareness.

The Meconomorph movement hasn’t quite received the tremendous and massive outreach it deserves to actualize its phenomenal potentials, a caveat that can be easily filled by oodles of journalist publications on the subject.

Thus the new gamechanger is here and huge prospects abound to help businesses grow, making them noticeable to the widest audience, at a minimal cost and within the budget reach of every business. How amazing the MeconoMorph movement and it’s only a matter of when and not if, before this superb concept becomes the branding force to invest in by businesses and companies alike. And of course, the help of public appealing journalists is crucial, a win-win situation is in the offing for everyone. So journalists should join in heralding this concept, research and validate its massive gains and help revolutionize the branding industry worldwide.

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