If you are not in MeconoMorph, where are you?

Calling all business cards bearers

meconomorph At BWAC
Get your card working

Have you ever heard about the MeconoMorph?
Every day you stare at billboards in traffic and admire the digitized artwork on them; however, there is a 50% chance that you don’t remember the face on the billboard you saw yesterday or the product that was advertised. This is simply because the human brain doesn’t store information that fails to awaken the senses in an exhilarating manner or with a heightened level of interest. That’s what makes the MeconoMorph different because you can’t simply ignore its magnificent sight.

The MeconoMorph is much more than a movement; it is a rising trend that represents an ideal fusion of art and culture with an unharnessed huge media potential to take you much closer to your clients and target audience through its irresistible charming arrangement. Perhaps what gives this unique project the ultimate advantage is the fact that it stretches the boundaries of creativity, creates an everlasting impression in the mind of whoever looks at it, and can simply be activated with your business card! -Yes, just your business card!

Rather than just waiting for moments when you’d have to give someone your card or waste it by storing it in your drawer, we would use every last card you send to us to create a giant installation guaranteed to draw the attention of people from all walks of life to the existence of your business. We would convert your business card to a billboard; it’s just as simple as that!

Mail your card to:
12 Cabot Street
Natick MA 01760

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