If you are not in MeconoMorph, where are you?

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IMG_1460_zpsa3rlrtnnIt’s no longer a myth, it’s finally here!
Everyone is searching for the thrill, but sometimes some much more magical moments just occasionally arise which end up blowing our expectations away much more than we ever imagined. This is one of such special moments, and it’s about to change the mass media structure of the entire world.

Say hello to the 8th wonder of the world –the MeconoMorph.
This fascinating mastery of creativity is what some impressionists might tag “an incredible revolution” or “a spectacular innovation”, but we love to see it as “an uncommon breakthrough” in bridging the gap between businesses and clients. The MeconoMorph is a gigantic 3D structure built with your business cards and strategically placed in areas where your target audience is most likely to get across to your message and what you offer. It is an absolutely cost-effective medium for startups and established organizations to aggressively promote their brands and experience conversions that take your business to where you have always wanted it to be.

The major rationale behind the development was the simple belief that businesses shouldn’t have to spend too much money on media installments and packages that are part of the norm and still fail to make the desired impact. Advertising is all about attraction and what better way to combine attraction and exposure while minimizing cost and yet sending a message of a breakthrough in innovation? –The MeconoMorph of course.
This is undoubtedly one of the most unprecedented acts of ingenuity ever experienced in the world of commerce and industry and it deserves special recognition as one of the most outstanding works of innovation ever witnessed.

Business cards might seem like simple objects in the hands of everyday people, but in our hands it holds the power to become a part of the 8th wonder of the world and we are fully dedicated to helping your business grow by including your cards which wield much more sustained influence than a thousand billboards and TV adverts.

Getting ahead in your business with simple advertising is no longer a myth, it’s finally here! All you can do now is to join the movement.
If you want to see your brand grow, take decisive action!
Don’t get left behind!

Mail your card to:
12 Cabot Street
Natick MA 01760

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