If you are not in MeconoMorph, where are you?

Sphericon sculpture at Bushnell Park in Hartford

Painterly Sphericon
Elena snapped this very dynamic shot of a flock of birds flying over the Sphericon
Sphericon on a fountain backdrop
Elena took this great photo of me taking a photo of the Sphericon at Bushnell Park
Dreamy Sphericon picture
Black@white reveals an intricate Sphericone structure

This amazing sculpture has been waiting for us on our way from New Jersey to Boston. Its half-circles are connected in an absolutely wonderful way!

For about twenty years we have been passing Hartford, and never stopped there. Well, we did this time, we went to a Bushnell Park and immediately found a perfect #Sphericon sculpture in the middle of a small Lily Pond.
Now I have no choice but make one of these on Shapeways as an addition to my ‘rollers’ collection.


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