If you are not in MeconoMorph, where are you?


Jaws of Symmetry shape the MeconoMorph turned into at Nave Gallery Annex
A new Mecon assembled at the workshop in Nave Gallery Annex

Yesterday the MMORPH formed a new shape at Nave Gallery Annex. During the workshop it was transformed into a new incarnation – Jaws. The ‘Jaws’ shape does not consist of smaller assembles like the RocketShip. It can be only taken out in small pieces and will probably never be assembled again.

We won!

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We won an award at a national show,  COOL exhibit at South Shore Art Center!
It’s a great place for the HedgeCone to be!

What do I do with the money? Award money is very different from earned money.
It’s luminous and weightless.
It doesn’t smell like sweat and labor.
It can’t be just boringly spent …

What shall I do with the prize money?

Hello Nave Annex!

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MMORPH.The Rook as it arrived to the Nave Gallery Annex
MMORPH transforming
MMORPH. Rocketship.

The MMORPH safely arrived to the Nave Gallery Annex for the Science and Art Mash Up.

It went through a series of deep transformations.

Good-bye Uforge!

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MMORPH.The Rook. Last look from inside Uforge.
MMORPH.The Rook.
MMORPH.The Rook standing tall at Uforge window.

It was a nice ride!

MMORPH completed two full transformations at Uforge, from the Azure to the Meconozaurus to the Rook.

Many new cards acquired, two new Mecons added – not bad…

Birds flying over the Sphericon
Sphericon on a fountain backdrop
Sphericon via Viktor

This amazing sculpture has been waiting for us on our way from New Jersey to Boston. Its half-circles are connected in an absolutely wonderful way!

For about twenty years we have been passing Hartford, and never stopped there. Well, we did this time, we went to a Bushnell Park and immediately found a perfect #Sphericon sculpture in the middle of a small Lily Pond.
Now I have no choice but make one of these on Shapeways as an addition to my ‘rollers’ collection.

Starting the inner skin with 36 cards
Building inner skin genes
Inner skin genes

Building a Uforge Mecon started with inner skin having Uforge cards in visible spots. When enough cards has been collected in the box at the gallery, the outer skin was added with the cards visible. Then the MMORPH was transformed into a rook shape.


Today I tried a simple tetrahedral arrangement of 12 Irwin Universal 880 Jack saws.
Saws proved to be the best – they bend as springs and hold the shape together well. Sleeves will be kept in place until I find a good way to connect without plastic bolts. Then the piece will have its final look.