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Dear Viktor,
Congratulations! We have accepted ‘HedgeCone’ for the 2013 FIGMENT Boston 2013 weekend.

Thanks for your time and interest in FIGMENT Boston 2013.  We’re excited to have your work be a part of this year’s FIGMENT weekend, and look forward to seeing it realized at the event!
All best,

13. ReCube

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13. ReCube

ReCube is not just another version of a well-known principle.

 It is an aNTIPUZZLE in a sense that it has no hidden locks, pathways or any kind of secret mechanics. Read more

12. THE WAR – time to start a real battle – first battlefield: terminology

This war has been going on since the beginning of times. It disregards all commonplace features of warfare – there is no clear front line, there is no military uniform, the weapons are totally unconventional. Even more – the enemies are not clearly defined.

Only one side is more or less visible – vulnerable and defenseless, the side which is mostly victimized and abused. The other party is well camouflaged, more aware of what’s going on, more aggressive and vicious.

Here they are:

Free spirited vs GTDsts. Read more

11. An ensembladge of truly useless objects

The time has come to start this exhibition. Over the years
I made a slew of things completely useless.

First of all, they comply with my main rule of meaningfulness:
A new object emerging into this world must have no practical
application in order to make sense. It has to be a world by itself.

Its functionality must be meaningful by itself and cannot be put
to a practical use, similar to these great creations:

1. Theo Jensen Strandbeest‘s only purpose is to walk on a beach.
2. Gömböc is supposed to self right – just that.

Only when they have no usage they can become
Artifacts.                 They can produce pure AWE. Read more

10. TriCube or Forward to Past

Sonoma fits well with it. Sonoma compliments it perfectly.

When I ordered a copy of the Tricube to be sent to SF I didn’t know how well would it embrace the essence of my first attempt to 3D print something made in google SketchUp.

To be totally honest TriCube was not my first Sketchup project. First thing I printed in 3D was Sir Penrose coordinate motion machine. I just could’ve done but pay a tribute to his ingenuity by making it the first.

The TriCube came after that.

Read more

9. A third and last conversation between the dog and his mad master

D: Ok, now it’s time to draw a line. I’ve been listening to you for a long time, and here is what I gathered:
While normal beings are busy with their every day errands, getting food, building dwellings, raising offspring, you invented a crazy concept that your existence must have a purpose. You justify it by an idea that it’s not just your thought but rather it’s built into people by some sort of a super being, who you call a Creator. The Creator according to your twisted logic, manufactured people with some built-in code, some instinct, which drives them to fulfill this ‘so called’ purpose. The Creator as you think also equipped people with another instinct – drive to create. This one is even more outrageous, this drive (as you propose) comes from the Creator himself and this is what separates humans from other living things. As a proof of this nonsense you mention an old ‘creation’ tale which says something about making people by the Creator “in his own image”. How is it so far?

MM: A little rough, but you got it more or less. Yes, these two instincts are the only things separating humans from the rest. Read more

8. Intermission – end of summer 2011 – Cape Cod is dying

Irene has brought a strange devastation – there was no rain, only wind, cobbles went over the bike path, seaweeds were dragged by waves through muskrat’s nests a long way to the swan pond. A raging river went up-stream the herring path connecting ocean with the bay.

Plants and grass are not susceptible to mechanical damage, they shoud’ve recovered quickly. They should’ve but they didn’t, with thunders and waves Irene brought a deadly mist far into the shore. A mix of fog and sea salt. Coastal vegetation wasn’t prepared for this salt assault – it got burnt. It got brown. It got dead. The landscape became martian desert in an instant. People cleaned the paths and roads uphilling  piles of sand, there was nothing they can do for the flora. Brown leaves, rotten rose hips fruits were left behind by receding waters.  Read more