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8. Intermission – end of summer 2011 – Cape Cod is dying

Irene has brought a strange devastation – there was no rain, only wind, cobbles went over the bike path, seaweeds were dragged by waves through muskrat’s nests a long way to the swan pond. A raging river went up-stream the herring path connecting ocean with the bay.

Plants and grass are not susceptible to mechanical damage, they shoud’ve recovered quickly. They should’ve but they didn’t, with thunders and waves Irene brought a deadly mist far into the shore. A mix of fog and sea salt. Coastal vegetation wasn’t prepared for this salt assault – it got burnt. It got brown. It got dead. The landscape became martian desert in an instant. People cleaned the paths and roads uphilling  piles of sand, there was nothing they can do for the flora. Brown leaves, rotten rose hips fruits were left behind by receding waters.  Read more

7. A second Conversation between the dog and his mad master

MM: See this chewing stick?

D: Yes…

MM: Now it represents a line – one dimensional object.

D: Ok, I got it – now can I have it?

MM: Wait, see here are two more sticks? We can put them together and form a triangle – two dimensional object. Now after you ate them – where is the triangle?

D: Gone!

MM: No! It still exists. Even more – it existed before, and it will exist forever when all the objects representing it will be gone.

D: Can I have more?

MM: What can we do with four sticks?

D: Four?! Where are they?

MM: Well, – now we will operate with pencils. We can form a square using four pencils.

D: triangles are better.

MM: Forget sticks. And actually forget pencils. They were just representations. The objects themselves existed anyway and will do so indefinitely. They are primordial. I would even call them extraordial if there is such a term. They exist independently of anything material. Read more

6. A conversation between a dog and his mad master

D: What is this pointy thing you brought home recently?

MM: This is a very meaningful object which I hope holds a key to everything.D: Looks like a burr to me!

MM: Well it certainly does, but it’s not… It is primordial. Read more

5. The Emergining of the Great Stellated Dodecahedron

I was driving my antique egg-van along a small sketchy road…
Sometimes I make sharp turns and go into random roads to break the drab spell of  this route of humdrum. I knew, no matter where I turn, I will anyway end up on a familiar road. This time was no exception – 
after a couple of small roads I suddenly found myself on the noisy route 9, on a part of it far from my usual course. A big flashy sign materializedon the right – Liquidation Sale – going out of business. It was a relatively upscale store – Lexington furniture. Unexpectedly for myself I pulled over and went in. 

I do this sometimes, I go for no reason into locations appearing along my way. Besides, furniture stores are special, they are nobody’s dwellings, arranged in amfilads of rooms with no habitants. Only salesmen lurk around
 like trolls. This store was a maze of rich glares and half-empty spaces with dusty contours on the floor.    

I made a couple of haphazard turns and suddenly here it was – A perfect Great Stellated Pentadodecahedron (GSDH for short), made of polished stone, magnificent and shiny.

It literally jumped towards me from a total non-existence.

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4. Lost and Found in California

I was riding a falling apart car along a picturesque Californian highway.
Incredible views were passing by car windows…
Time do put thoughts together… So where am I?
I was lost inside my mind and in an outer space…

San-Franciscan trolley car, so reminding of old Leningrad trolleybuses.

3. The star of red pyramids or a blast from the past

It happened many moons ago…            


I was riding a trolleybus along a typical dull Leningrad’s street. The weather was normal, the ride was annoying as usual…
The heck with the ride!

I just bought a great book. It was a math book full of useful information… The heck with math! – on the cover there was a picture of the first stellation of a dodecahedron, and that was really something. There was no Internet, no computers, no imaging of any kind, so this picture was really worth a thousand words. I had been looking at it the entire ride.  Read more

1. How it all started unexpectedly in a great town of Woodshole

I was riding my bike along a Shining Sea Bike path. It ended at a wharf where the Martha’s Vineyard ferry disembarks. This time I didn’t just turn back, instead I entered Woodshole, a tiny cute town full of sea novelties and bearded sailors (No!).

I made a couple of random turns and suddenly here it was – a perfect stellar pentadodecahedron (SPDH for short), made of iron, magnificent and rusty.

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